What We Do


LEARN to live out your
faith in the real world


be EMPOWERED to fulfill
God’s purpose for your life


ACT like a leader:
Learn by doing!


DISCOVER and unlock
your God-given potential

During this real-world experience, young people learn valuable life skills such as:

  • Teamwork
  • Critical thinking
  • Strategic planning
  • Effective communications

While being engaged in high-level leadership roles, they are also inspired to apply Biblical and moral principles in their own life and the world around them.

The Legislative Experience includes LEAD’s foundational curriculum, taught by trained instructors.

It covers topics such as:

  • Laying a Biblical Foundation
  • Ambassadors for Christ
  • Christian Citizenship
  • Worldviews in Action
  • Science and the Bible
  • Debate and Communication

Throughout the Legislative simulation campers actively engage in:

  • Critical and Strategic Thinking
  • Teamwork
  • Speech Writing
  • Public Speaking

Campers begin their LEAD Wisconsin experience by being sworn-in as members of the State Assembly.

Campers are challenged to think critically about current issues through role-playing as state lawmakers and discussing actual bills from the Wisconsin legislature.

Each participant is assigned to a committee and a caucus, and each caucus has one bill to support and one to oppose.

They learn the process of how a bill becomes a law as well as the responsibilities of citizenship.