Empowering Youth To Change Their World

Ages: 13-19  |  Registration Fee: $400 | August 1-6 2021
$450 after April 30 | Financial Aid is available!

The best week of your life begins in








Inspiring youth to rise up as godly leaders

Our heart is for campers to encounter the Lord while at LEAD WI
and begin to discover how their pursuit of excellence can glorify Him.

Encouraging adults to impart a legacy of

faith to the next generation

We are rooted in the idea that the best way to learn something
is to do it under the guidance of professional coaches.

Cultivating desire in youth to discover
God’s design, purpose, calling
and destiny for their lives

Throughout the week, campers will participate in biblical worldview discussions,
worship, chapel, recreational activities, and build lifelong relationships.

Helping youth develop a comprehensive and
applicable Biblical worldview

Our engaging environment launches campers into action, utilizing critical thinking, teamwork,
and public speaking skills to develop their worldview and understand how it affects their daily lives.

Investing in the youth of today to make a
difference in their culture for Christ

At LEAD WI, we believe the best time to start being a leader is NOW.
You don’t need to wait until you’re older.
It’s time for this generation to rise up and take their place.