Volunteer Application

Thank you for your desire to serve at LEAD WI this summer!

This application is for those interested in being a chaperone or aide-de-camp.
If you are interested in being involved in another capcity, please email snichols@wifamilycouncil.org

After you submit your application, check your inbox for an email from us with instructions regarding next steps.
If you do not see an email, please check your spam folder before reaching out to our office at info@leadwi.org or 608.256.3228

Click here for a Job description

During the week of LEAD Wisconsin, chaperones and aide-de-camps help mentor and minister to our campers. We want every camper to know that someone cares for them and to see the love of God on display. Chaperones and aide-de-camps are an important part of making that a reality. If you have a heart for ministry and a desire to be God’s hands and feet, helping to equip and engage the next generation, then you could be the chaperone or ADC our campers need.

All crew members must:

  • Be a professing Christian
  • Agree with our Statement of Faith, Biblical Worldview Principles, and abide by our Lifestyle Statement (click here)
  • Chaperones only: Be 25 years old or older 
  • Aides-de-Camp only: Be 19-24 years old (19 year olds must have graudated from high school Spring of 2020)

    Aide-de-camp and Chaperone Roles:

    • Crew members are expected to stay on campus during the week of camp.
    • All aides-de-camp and chaperones are assigned to a committee (camper group).
    • Helping with devotions.
    • Watching over campers during off campus tours and activities
    • Helping with camper registration and check out.
    • Attend all teaching sessions.
    • Assist with the Mock Committee meetings and the Mock Legislative Session.
    • Set up activities for the campers.
    • Complete office tasks as assigned by the LEAD Wisconsin Staff.
    • Help clean up campus at the end of the week.
    • Assist wherever needed.
    • Have fun!

    Additional Information

    Campers spend the week divided into smaller groups called “committees” (approx. 16 students). You will be assigned to work with a particular committee throughout the week. You are not required or expected to be an “expert” on policy or legislative procedure. During Crew Orientation on Saturday evening, we take time to walk you through the bills your group will be working on, teach you the legislative process and to answer any questions you have.

    You should help the campers (and sometimes other crew members) with questions regarding legislative procedures and help make sure that your campers are present and accounted for whenever a new session or activity is beginning and ending.

    You can assist the campers in helping them find their way around campus, explaining the program, or providing some instruction about a particular assignment. When working with campers, you are encouraged to assist them with their assignments, but you should never do the work for them. Of course, the best way you can help is just being a friend and encouraging them.

    Time Commitment

    Crew orientation begins Saturday, July 31st, at 5 pm. We use this time to review Crew policies and procedures, coupled with prayer and fellowship as we prepare for a week of ministry. Campers arrive the following day.

    Camp ends on Friday, August 6th, around 6 pm. Crew are free to leave once every camper has been checked out and the campus has been cleaned.


    Crew members are expected to abide by our all camp policies found here.