Assembly Track

All first-time campers are sworn in as members of the LEAD WI Assembly where they work to pass or fail real bills from the Wisconsin legislature. Campers strategize with their caucus, hold a press conference, and hear from professional lobbyists in committee meetings chaired by real state legislators. LEAD WI culminates in the Wisconsin Capitol where campers debate and cast their votes.

Business Track

Our newest alumni track will have campers joining a business management team responsible for taking over and managing an existing company, making critical and strategic decisions in research & development, production, marketing, and finance to beat out their competition. Business campers will make an investor presentation to the non-business campers to raise capital for their company. Throughout the week, campers will learn the principles of business as well as the biblical principle of stewardship and hear from Christian business owners. Note: due to the responsibilities of this track, alumni campers must be 16 years old for this track.

Senate Track

Alumni campers role-play as state senators. They take up more challenging tasks by offering amendments to bills and engaging in open debate. Senators strategize with their caucus, host a press conference, attend public hearings, and attend committee meetings chaired by real state legislators. LEAD WI senators convene for their own final legislative session on the Assembly floor in the Wisconsin Capitol.

Media Track

This alumni track covers all camp events. The LEAD News Network’s (LNN) print publication, the LEAD Tribune, is a daily newspaper featuring the latest news, updates and opinion pieces—all written by the Media Track campers. LNN produces broadcasts, shown throughout the week and at the end of the week during the commissioning ceremony. This track splits the campers into 2 groups (Broadcasting and Writing) focuses on Journalism and Reporting, Writing and Research, Videography and Photography, Interviewing, Editing, and Media Ethics. Attendance is limited and is based on application acceptance. Click here for the Media Track application.

LEAD Wisconsin is a week-long, true-to-life leadership simulation that plays out in the Wisconsin State Capitol. Under the direction of experienced professionals from a wide variety of fields, campers are given the unique opportunity to see what a Christian leader faces in the real world.

LEAD Wisconsin’s curriculum is taught by trained instructors, who will lay a Biblical foundation. The camp experience includes training sessions, covering an array of engaging discussions.

Topics may include:

  • Life: Making the Case for the Unborn
  • Religious Freedom: What’s the Big Deal?
  • Worldviews: Communism, Socialism, etc.
  • Creationism: Do We Have the Scientific Proof?
  • Leadership: Being An Influencer
  • Marriage and Family: Why It Matters
  • Racial Issues: God’s Design for Mankind
  • Social Media: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The entire week, campers actively engage in:

  • Authentic leadership simulation
  • Biblical worldview discussions
  • Faith-building worship
  • Recreation & relationships


LEARN to live out your
faith in the real world


be EMPOWERED to fulfill
God’s purpose for your life


ACT like a leader:
Learn by doing!


DISCOVER and unlock
your God-given potential