Throughout the week, field professionals, chaperones, and many volunteers will come together to provide an excellent experience at LEAD WI.

Here are just a few of those involved in leadership!

SharaLee Nichols

SharaLee Nichols

LEAD Wisconsin Director

Growing up surrounded by the Great Lakes, SharaLee comes from a quaint Dutch town called Holland, Michigan.

After a year of traveling around America, teaching government and leadership from a Christian worldview to high school students in their state capitols, she spent time as an event planner and then in Nigeria, working alongside women coming out of sex trafficking.

She lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota for two years, working as a cosmetologist. She married her best friend, Ethan, and moved to Wisconsin. The two are always traveling together, whether it’s across the globe or within the states. They live in Madison, Wisconsin where they are quite heavily involved with their church and community.

Oh. And she is a Disney princess on the weekends.

Micah Pearce

Micah Pearce

WFC Executive Vice President

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Micah is proud of his hardworking Midwestern roots.

Micah’s greatest passion is to help others see how God’s Truth is vital to and active in every area of life, from government to culture and all points in between. He has had the opportunity to share that passion by speaking to groups in 21 states and leading grassroots efforts in 4 states.

He has worked with TeenPact Leadership
Schools and most recently with American Majority.

Micah serves in youth ministry through his church, parachurch organizations, and other ministries and currently is leading middle-school students through his church’s youth group.

He attended Liberty University, where he earned a B.S. in Western Legal Tradition.





Julaine Appling

Julaine Appling

WFC President

With a heart for education, Julaine is a sought-out speaker who you may have heard in the media from Christian radio to Wisconsin Public Radio.

She works on and speaks on a variety of topics, all in an effort to strengthen, preserve and promote marriage, family, life and religious freedom in Wisconsin.

As president of Wisconsin Family Action and Wisconsin Family Council, she has both a strong platform and a strong voice on issues impacting Wisconsin families as well as for encouraging citizens to be informed and involved so they can make a positive difference in their communities.

Jack Hoogendyk

Jack Hoogendyk

WFC Board of Directors

After working for a Fortune 500 company as national sales and marketing manager, and spending 7 years as director of a pregnancy resource center, Michigan native Jack Hoogendyk went into public service as an elected member of the state assembly in Michigan.

After serving three terms, he was term-limited out. Since that time, Jack has stayed active in the world of politics, publishing an email newsletter to thousands of subscribers in Michigan and helping to recruit and elect candidates to public office.

Seven years ago, Jack and his wife Erin moved with their youngest child to Wausau, Wisconsin to serve as the director of Hope Life Center, a faith-based pregnancy resource center.

Jack serves on the executive committee of the Greater Wausau Chamber of Commerce and on the board of Wisconsin Family Council. He recently served on the Marathon County Board of Supervisors.

Jack and Erin have been married 44 years, have 5 children and 12 grandchildren.

James Muffett

James Muffett

LEAD Founder

James has been an active member in Michigan’s public arena for over 25 years.

Married to Margot since 1979, a father of 5, former pastor, nationally recognized spokesperson for biblical values, statewide organizational leader, and passionate citizen, he brings a vibrant vision to Michigan’s cultural landscape.

His perspective on how the Bible, history of our nation, current times, and future tie together inspires everyone, leading them into effective cultural engagement.